Black Moon Rising

Session 06: When it all falls down

Final Session TPK

The team figure out how to get into the secret tunnels and find themselves face to face with a large amount of cultists. Mostly spent after taking out about a dozen of them they shoulder into a locked iron door and shuffle in to hear another stone door slam down behind them. The party rush a summoner and his guards while he summons a demon. Although the party end up taking down the guards and the summoner some of them falling in the process the party fall victim to the tenacious fury of a summoned demon unchained. Duray attempts to close the portal the demon came through but ends up through a series of unfortunate events being pushed through. While the rest of the party and Phi Saw are taken out one by one the only surviving member finds himself in Hell.

Note: Some of the group wanted to take the second campaign loss but it seemed unlikely in a closed room session for a retreat. The group opted for the TPK and a reboot into a new setting and different characters.


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