Black Moon Rising

Session 05: The Jigg if up! Death Moths Swarms and Green Fires

The party try and find Aerato, they find and or cause large scale desctruction along the way.

The party hunt down an informant that knows Aerato’s whereabouts which they keep on retainer by way of Gottri kidnapping him and shoving him in a sack. With the docks on fire and Hesh shrugging at the mayhem he caused as tens of people died in the dock district the team makes a hasty deal with Aerato to be his body supplier since they had taken over for the Dreammaster. Finding a drop off point lead to the group looking into the warehouse with cultist going in the party infiltrated and found a demon that turned invisible. With Duray opening the front door they usher in Hesh the last of the party before heading downstairs….


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