Black Moon Rising

Session 04: Take the Deal or Die

What starts off as a squabble over payment turns into a violent corporate takeover

The party find people showing out of the blue who know them specifically through a prophecy which is odd but the party agree once Phi Saw vouches for the crazier member of the duo and they’re brought along for muscle. As a Halfling cheats the group it seems out of gold and tells them to leave Gottri starts what later becomes a violent take over of the gang. They’re left with several dead bodies, a large amount of Dream Leaf, several books on magic and a few followers of the Ghoul Lord’s Kingdom’s national religion. On the bright side they can return the bodies plus fifteen more.

Kefa meets the Most interesting man in Detainment Cell 8
Madman and a Half-Orc look for a dwarf, dragon, and cat
The Drop Off
Fake Gold and busted kneecaps
One on One for the many
Spilt Beer, Drakes, Headless Jerks, and Acid to the Face

Loot and items
Robes of Palis
Palis’ body in seven parts
two large barrels of Dream Leaf
dream leaf powder in various stages of work
halful of alchemic processes and properties related to magic
An odd book
Remains of a drake
several bodies
one gang member for White Shield Questioning.
Gang leader’s Debt ledger
Clues to Palis’ boss wanting dead bodies
Connection to Aerato possibly on dead body sales (or at least an in)


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