Black Moon Rising

Session 06: When it all falls down
Final Session TPK

The team figure out how to get into the secret tunnels and find themselves face to face with a large amount of cultists. Mostly spent after taking out about a dozen of them they shoulder into a locked iron door and shuffle in to hear another stone door slam down behind them. The party rush a summoner and his guards while he summons a demon. Although the party end up taking down the guards and the summoner some of them falling in the process the party fall victim to the tenacious fury of a summoned demon unchained. Duray attempts to close the portal the demon came through but ends up through a series of unfortunate events being pushed through. While the rest of the party and Phi Saw are taken out one by one the only surviving member finds himself in Hell.

Note: Some of the group wanted to take the second campaign loss but it seemed unlikely in a closed room session for a retreat. The group opted for the TPK and a reboot into a new setting and different characters.

Session 05: The Jigg if up! Death Moths Swarms and Green Fires
The party try and find Aerato, they find and or cause large scale desctruction along the way.

The party hunt down an informant that knows Aerato’s whereabouts which they keep on retainer by way of Gottri kidnapping him and shoving him in a sack. With the docks on fire and Hesh shrugging at the mayhem he caused as tens of people died in the dock district the team makes a hasty deal with Aerato to be his body supplier since they had taken over for the Dreammaster. Finding a drop off point lead to the group looking into the warehouse with cultist going in the party infiltrated and found a demon that turned invisible. With Duray opening the front door they usher in Hesh the last of the party before heading downstairs….

Session 04: Take the Deal or Die
What starts off as a squabble over payment turns into a violent corporate takeover

The party find people showing out of the blue who know them specifically through a prophecy which is odd but the party agree once Phi Saw vouches for the crazier member of the duo and they’re brought along for muscle. As a Halfling cheats the group it seems out of gold and tells them to leave Gottri starts what later becomes a violent take over of the gang. They’re left with several dead bodies, a large amount of Dream Leaf, several books on magic and a few followers of the Ghoul Lord’s Kingdom’s national religion. On the bright side they can return the bodies plus fifteen more.

Kefa meets the Most interesting man in Detainment Cell 8
Madman and a Half-Orc look for a dwarf, dragon, and cat
The Drop Off
Fake Gold and busted kneecaps
One on One for the many
Spilt Beer, Drakes, Headless Jerks, and Acid to the Face

Loot and items
Robes of Palis
Palis’ body in seven parts
two large barrels of Dream Leaf
dream leaf powder in various stages of work
halful of alchemic processes and properties related to magic
An odd book
Remains of a drake
several bodies
one gang member for White Shield Questioning.
Gang leader’s Debt ledger
Clues to Palis’ boss wanting dead bodies
Connection to Aerato possibly on dead body sales (or at least an in)

Session 03: Getting clocked on the way to 7 Bells
The party get a little more than they expect going to the 7 Bells

The party with five bodies make their way to the 7 Bells to prep the bodies for their job interview with drug dealing criminals. Drunk sailors turn ugly when the group see the Captain summon a demon sending Duray into a rage that starts a fight. With the party battered the demon flies away and Duray starts killing the survivors starling of consorting with demons. Iraden finally is able to stop him when it’s down to the sole human survivor.

With the demon moving towards the dock district someplace else they’d need to head the team heavily battered opts to rest up at the 7 Bells while Iraden charms their sole prisoner to find out more about the ship and their numbers. With the team fully healed the group opt to make their delivery first before hunting down a demon.

In the very least Duray remind them that they are going in with more bodies then when they started.

Acquired 18 + 11 (29) Gold
5 Cutlass
Rings (4)

Session 02: Blacker than Black
The team invistigates into the undead and their undercover job becomes quite dark.

With the options of finding out in the temple district of someone who may know of the dead and a man who dealt in selling dead bodies possibly in the Doc district. The group find out more on the missing and end up working undercover in a rather dark reality of the city’s criminal underground. Gottri opts to start a fight versus pay a illegal toll since it was more of a shakedown for money.

Back to the Crown Square
Informants in Low Places
Capper’s Toll
Rough Bar
Drug Den and Job Offers
Detainment of Drugged Kids
The Most interesting and dangerous Man on campus (aka Craziest)
Request to the Necromancy Department

Icon Dice Rolls:
Illuminated Brotherhood: 6
Free Council: 5
King of Bears: 5,6
Master of Demon Mountain: 0
Sultana: 6
Lord of the Ghouls:

Session 01: Smashing Pumpkins
A simple escort mission with a high body count

The trio find themselves working together as a first time team to get an Envoy of the Murahati Empire to the Arcane Colleguim in the middle of a surprise large scale attack on the Crown Square erupts around the man possibly to kidnap the Envoy. Though somewhat battered but still alive the party gets him to the Arcane Collegium as they were requested where they see how severe a crisis the city is in. The attack in Crown’s Square was only the part of the day’s event the party personally witnessed, news from the Free Council and realization of multiple well thought out and coordinated attacks throughout the city lead the City Council and college staff to see darker events brewing on the horizon. Men and women died defending and escaping and answers need to be found out quickly to stem the multiple wounds the city had suffered that day. This fact finding and hunting of answers fall on the party to accomplish quickly.

Events & Encounters
Gottri’s last beer of the morning
Looking for a man in a turbin and pumpkin smashing
Irden and Duray’s summons
Irden and Duray’s patrol
The Crown’s Square attack

Icon Dice Rolls:
Illuminated Brotherhood: 6+ Gottri
Free Council: 5+ Gottri
King of Bears: 5+ Duray
Master of Demon Mountain: 6- Duray


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