The Crown's Square attack

Irden and Duray got a report in from her familiar that there were a lot of people. Duray and Phi Saw seemed more agitated.

Gottri had been shaking down anyone in the similar blackish robes of the pumpkin salesman telling them he was watching them.

As the Crown’s Square erupted a cart with pumpkins was turned over on it’s side blocking one exit and several people rushed into the square blocking out entrances. Irden’s familiar that had been perched on a building stated he saw the guy and that weird magic was about. Duray growled grabbing fleeing boys and telling them to get the White Shields. Irden’s familiar was sent back to the Collegium to let them know of the situation.

The duo rushed in the direction of the Envoy from Irden’s directions Gottri calling out to Duray since he didn’t know he basically had the same job that there was someone that way they needed to protect. A rough and bloody battle for Duray involved slashes from the undead and being hit by surprisingly really heavy pumpkins. Gottri found himself bounding about the area of the chaos in battle and attacking several zombies over the Envoy as he fell victim to being swarmed by the undead. Irden ended up getting the Envoy away with Gottri, Duray battling the hoards with and oddly enough Betty the Bar Maid yelling taunts and cursing anyone getting close to her bar. From what Gottri explained about her ‘the rumors were true’.

The Crown's Square attack

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