Irden and Duray's summons

Irden was looking forward to soon being promoted and acknowledged as a Journeyman level magic user but this morning she looked at the scroll of duties for the students of the Collegum Arcana and save her name. City Patrol and a special request to city the Dean of the College as well which was odd before going out to simply patrol the streets.

Meanwhile coming back onto the College grounds proper Duray hears the Beastmaster and his boss call out to him. With Duray getting told he’s on City Patrol and needs to report to the Dean’s Office first he nods before his boss tells him to change into something nicer. This just get’s a blank stare and Duray lifting his arm and sniffing his armpit to see if he stinks, he had been on the job for six hours but his boss seemed more in the know about social interactions than he was so he did as asked and changed into his other set of clothes.

Going to the Dean’s office Irden showed up first and noticed the room had changed a bit since her last visit, with the Dean offering a chair Irden noticed several tomes and maps on his desk that he seemed to be putting away from prying eyes. Irden asked politely about if the Dean would like refreshments brought for the meeting as she got close to inspect what he was so intent on studying since the books and materials seemed to cover his desk. One of the books catches her attention since it was on the History of the Wasted West.

Duray arrived soon after the coffee had been ordered from a passing servant. Banging on the door Irden gets a good look at the scarred and blank face of Duray. With his looking around he’s told to come in eventually. With the two offered seats the Headmaster notices the large cat slinking into the room behind Duray and sitting up high next to the chair as Duray takes a seat and smiles at the large cat. As the headmaster’s hand comes down to companion Phi Saw Duray locks his jaw shaking his head no seeing his companion starting to curl her lips barring teeth until a small bag of dried meat was pulled from his pouch and shook in front of her. Phi Saw and Duray seem to exchange a wordless conversation as she suddenly gobbles up the treats ignoring the petting hand it seemed. Duray seemed somewhat jealous.

As the conversation starts it seemed more of a conversation between Irden and the Headmaster on the dealings of the day for the patrol. He did request around noon if the two would go to the Crown Plaza to find the Envoy from the Murahati Empire who was making their way to the Collegium around that time. The additional request seemed simple enough. Duray and Phi Saw prickles a bit with Phi Saw letting out an almost inaudible growl. As the two moved to leave Duray stayed a bit letting the headmaster know of his forboding feeling. He stated he smelt demons before setting his jaw. Duray was a man of few words but talk of demons about was even more rare, as he scanned around the room. The headmaster advised Duray to watch his charge Irden more clearly since although odd by normal means Duray’s feral nature never seemed off. With a nod Duray joined Irden outside who was pondering the what he knew of the Wasted West.

Duray as soon as getting outside of the college into the open air looked about pulling his weapon, although carrying a weapon was appropriate while on duty immediately pulling one implied they were going to get into a fight soon. Irden wondered about her counterparts odd behavior and asked about it. Stating he smelt demons and constantly scanning the area made her wonder if she had gotten a mentally unstable partner. The fact he started walking towards the square immediately had her calling him back and that they needed to do their patrol correctly. The paranoid like looks of the man being duplicated in his companion though who seemed to sniff the air as well and was already snarling had Irden compromise in that they’d show up early for the meeting.

Irden and Duray's summons

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