Irden and Duray's patrol

With Irden giving his familiar orders to scout the Crown Square the trio moved North out of the College District and Irden found an altercation immediately.

From what Irden mentioned it seemed to be a student from the Clockwork Institute arguing with someone from the Shadow Magic branch of the Arcane Collegium.

The trio showed up between arguements of one student having an incompetent master and the other being supposedly nothing more than a glorified mechanic.

Irden recognized the student from the Collegium and called out to him.

Before excuses could be made fully Irden interrupted telling him he knew better.

When he continued to try and make excuses Duray and Phi Saw stalked him growling. When the student, Girffin tried to cast a spell Irden voided it. With the Clockwork Institute’s student and friends opting to leave Griffin found himself a bit red faced out of embarrassment and anger. He left as well with a snapping of his fingers and a flourish of his robes and cape, his friends or flunkies following. The rest of the patrol went more peacefully.

Irden and Duray's patrol

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