The party trio plus Betty and the Envoy make their way back to the Arcane Collegium to see a large amount of armed guards as well as several mages from experienced to students. Duray summed up the situation with them escorting Envoy and undead coming, lots. Their eyes went big knowing Duray not to be a big talkative guy but mentioning undead got the gates closed and the defense rallied and readied. The party was ushered in and a healer called since Duray was bleeding a bit from several wounds, he pointed to Betty as well who nodded to him when the healer started to attend to her.

The rest and the Envoy who was also injured were ushered along to another area and Irden recounted the story in detail. Duray pointed at the swirling purple mass around the Envoy and the Headmaster muttered things about it not being good, sounds of sudden combat outside and large clockwork golems springing to life as they shambled past the window let them know the war for the city it seemed was still raging outside. The purple hazy cloud eventually disappeared to the sounds of thunder and fireballs and metal arms swinging down on the undead as the party figured out their next move.

The Master Diviner asked if they had anything from the battle with the undead and Duray stood up and excused himself, he went and got Betty’s tankard that had caved in several undead skulls and mentioned he’d bring it back. The Diviner looked up at Duray dubiously as he brought back a tankard since even as a dwarf stopping an important meeting for a beer was in bad taste. As he was handed the tankard and saw the slushing remains of skulls, brains, and flesh he nodded in final understanding and shrugged as he dropped the contents into his divining bowl.

He didn’t have all the exacts but they were looking for a man who was buying bodies of the recently dead in the Dock District and someone at one of the temples that knew of the ordeal possibly. From the Captain of the White Shields it seems he had lost at least 40 men from all the attacks, from what the party told them almost as many civilians in just the Crown Square didn’t escape. They need action quickly and the White Shields were now to thin to get tot he bottom of things for fear of more attacks as well as rioting and looting that had started in small areas after the attacks in the chaos.

Irden had her new thesis to work on, the mechanizations of the attack on Zobeck using the undead. Gottri a possible in for the Illuminated Brotherhood if they managed to figure out who was behind the raising of the undead and why. For Duray… it was just another day on the job.


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