Quiet Keeper of the Reserve


Duray knew Gottri through work as a Bounty Hunter. Irden knew of Duray as a member of the Collegium’s staff that didn’t practice magic.

Duray doesn’t have many outstanding descriptors since he’s quiet most of the time besides the easiest one to use to describe him, the guy with the large cat. Being at times Feral in his nature and mannerisms most people do not know the relationship between him and his ‘Big Cat’ Animal Companion he calls Phi Saw a Jaguar some fifteen stones large. At times they seem to grunt and snarl to communicate although on friendly terms always his companion is one of the few things he looks at softly. Upon close inspection his clothes and face seem heavily mended by someone who had done a fair bit of traveling, his scarred face hidden behind his cloak reveals little besides somewhat blank eyes and an expressionless face.

Tracker (Feral)
Bounty Hunter

Note: The party learned Duray had tracked a bounty for several days into a town governed by someone in Black Robes he believed to be undead. It was one of the few times he let his quarry get away, mostly due to the fact he didn’t want to fight a town full of people that were walking around but smelt undead.



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