Black Moon Rising

Session 03: Getting clocked on the way to 7 Bells

The party get a little more than they expect going to the 7 Bells

The party with five bodies make their way to the 7 Bells to prep the bodies for their job interview with drug dealing criminals. Drunk sailors turn ugly when the group see the Captain summon a demon sending Duray into a rage that starts a fight. With the party battered the demon flies away and Duray starts killing the survivors starling of consorting with demons. Iraden finally is able to stop him when it’s down to the sole human survivor.

With the demon moving towards the dock district someplace else they’d need to head the team heavily battered opts to rest up at the 7 Bells while Iraden charms their sole prisoner to find out more about the ship and their numbers. With the team fully healed the group opt to make their delivery first before hunting down a demon.

In the very least Duray remind them that they are going in with more bodies then when they started.

Acquired 18 + 11 (29) Gold
5 Cutlass
Rings (4)


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