Black Moon Rising

Session 02: Blacker than Black

The team invistigates into the undead and their undercover job becomes quite dark.

With the options of finding out in the temple district of someone who may know of the dead and a man who dealt in selling dead bodies possibly in the Doc district. The group find out more on the missing and end up working undercover in a rather dark reality of the city’s criminal underground. Gottri opts to start a fight versus pay a illegal toll since it was more of a shakedown for money.

Back to the Crown Square
Informants in Low Places
Capper’s Toll
Rough Bar
Drug Den and Job Offers
Detainment of Drugged Kids
The Most interesting and dangerous Man on campus (aka Craziest)
Request to the Necromancy Department

Icon Dice Rolls:
Illuminated Brotherhood: 6
Free Council: 5
King of Bears: 5,6
Master of Demon Mountain: 0
Sultana: 6
Lord of the Ghouls:


leepowbj leepowbj

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