Black Moon Rising

Session 01: Smashing Pumpkins

A simple escort mission with a high body count

The trio find themselves working together as a first time team to get an Envoy of the Murahati Empire to the Arcane Colleguim in the middle of a surprise large scale attack on the Crown Square erupts around the man possibly to kidnap the Envoy. Though somewhat battered but still alive the party gets him to the Arcane Collegium as they were requested where they see how severe a crisis the city is in. The attack in Crown’s Square was only the part of the day’s event the party personally witnessed, news from the Free Council and realization of multiple well thought out and coordinated attacks throughout the city lead the City Council and college staff to see darker events brewing on the horizon. Men and women died defending and escaping and answers need to be found out quickly to stem the multiple wounds the city had suffered that day. This fact finding and hunting of answers fall on the party to accomplish quickly.

Events & Encounters
Gottri’s last beer of the morning
Looking for a man in a turbin and pumpkin smashing
Irden and Duray’s summons
Irden and Duray’s patrol
The Crown’s Square attack

Icon Dice Rolls:
Illuminated Brotherhood: 6+ Gottri
Free Council: 5+ Gottri
King of Bears: 5+ Duray
Master of Demon Mountain: 6- Duray


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